Depths of Muku™ (Sleep Support)

Depths of Muku™ (Sleep Support)

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Ingredients: raw honey, valerian, skullcap, california poppy, kava, passionflower.

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If trouble sleeping is what brought you here, you need look no further. Many times herbal supplements for occasional sleeplessness only contain one or two herbs, and those herbs may not always work for everyone. That is why Depths of Muku™ includes multiple calming, soothing, and sleepy herbs that when combined are sure to do the trick. This is a very potent blend that has yet to disappoint.


Valerian has been shown in studies to allow people to fall asleep more quickly while also having an overall better quality of sleep. Its sedating medicinal qualities have been documented for hundreds of years and today there are countless supplements containing the herb. Not only is it a great remedy for insomnia, but Valerian also helps in treating anxiety and high blood pressure. (Organic)

Skullcap shares many of the same benefits as Valerian while also being anti-inflammatory and helpful with all sorts of anxiety-related issues. Native to North America, Skullcap thrives in the wild and was even used by Native Americans and later Europeans as a treatment for rabies. Its restorative properties help support and nourish the nervous system while reducing stress, making it a key component of this well-balanced sleep aid. (Organic)

California Poppy is a mild sedative that not only helps with insomnia but also depression, aches and pains, anxiety, and general emotional instability. A calming remedy for times of stress, california poppy, in combination with the other herbs of this formula, allows the body to relax fully into a deep sleep. (Organic)

Kava has not been traditionally used as a sleep aid, but it certainly can assist in that area. This plant has been used in the Pacific Islands (including here in Hawaii) for many centuries for various ceremonial purposes, for which it is turned into a drink and passed around from person to person. The effects are calming, sedative, and euphoric. (Organic)

Passionflower is a soothing herb known for its ability to reduce anxiety, agitation, lower blood pressure, improve sleep and promote a balanced mood. (Organic)