Empyrean Guard™ (Immune Support)

Empyrean Guard™ (Immune Support)

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Ingredients: raw honey, astragalus, reishi, black cumin seed, myrhh, frankincense, lions mane, cordyceps, orange peel, chaga.

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Whenever you need immune defense, you need something reliable, fast-acting and safe. The combination of herbs found in Empyrean Guard™ delivers an impressive array of potent immuno-modulating and tonifying herbs that are effective for preventing infection and maintaining ultimate immunity.


Astragalus is a plant popularized in Traditional Chinese Medicine as a tonic herb for longevity and more specifically the Lungs. It has the unique ability of increasing “wei chi” which is otherwise known as the defensive energy (the body’s natural immune response). It is used in cases of fatigue and exhaustion in order to restore the body and to aid in better assimilation of nutrients extracted from food during digestion. (Organic)   

Reishi is king when it comes to strengthening immunity and reinforcing vitality down to the cellular level. It has proven itself as both an acute remedy for exhaustion and a steady support system for preventative health measures. Reishi mushroom is packed with polysaccharides that effectively activate and regulate the immune system, while other amino acids helps protect the liver where blood is filtered and balanced. Reishi has been used for thousands of years to strengthen the heart and the immune system from the inside out. (Organic)   

Black Cumin Seed is a common seasoning in the Middle East and East Africa. Its medicinal use however is very underrated. It has an unmatched antioxidant profile and it fosters natural immunity with a slew of essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. Along with its nourishing tendencies, Black Cumin Seed is a stomach soother and the seed naturally expels intestinal parasites, perfect for any abdominal discomfort that might occur during times of sickness. (Organic)      

Myrrh is an ancient heal-all substance! Native to East Africa, this glorious resin is prized all over the world for its use in incense and topical remedies. When taken internally Myrrh transforms the body; it has regenerative as well as anti-fungal and anti-viral properties. Myrrh is essential for preventing infection, repairing damaged cells, and assisting the body’s natural defense mechanisms. (Wildcrafted)   

Frankincense is another ancient authority on promoting the immune system and sanctifying the mind, body and spirit. Frankincense is a proven decongestant, obliterating mucus in both the chest and nasal passages. It is naturally antiseptic, fighting infections all over the body. The resin exhibits an anti-inflammatory effect which is useful against invader toxins but also useful against toxins that our bodies produce in times of consistent stress. Studies have also shown that Frankincense improves white blood cell count. (Wildcrafted)     

Lion’s Mane contains a plethora of antioxidants that fight infection and protect the integrity of cells within the body. Lion’s Mane also promotes efficient detoxification while discouraging the build up of inflammatory proteins and other substances in the joints and tissues within the body. (Wildcrafted)      

Cordyceps is an incredible fungus with an unbelievable life cycle! Cordyceps has been used by high-altitude indigenous peoples of Tibet and China for increasing endurance, stamina, vigor and longevity. It is famous for its tonic effect on the lungs as well, as it helps maximize gas exchange and improves oxygenation of the blood. (Organic)        

Orange Peel is naturally high in limonene, an incredibly powerful antioxidant that limits cancerous cell growth. Orange peel is packed with vitamin C and phyto-nutrients that enable and assist our cells to properly dispose of cellular waste, utilize energy more effectively and absorb and assimilate minerals properly during digestion. Orange peel also contains pectin, which feeds beneficial bacteria in the intestinal tract. Digestive health is an integral part of immunity because many of the essential vitamins are produced by probiotic bacteria in our intestines. (Organic)   

Chaga is a fungus that grows exclusively on birch trees. The main active compounds found in Chaga include beta-glucans (present in all fungus) which regulate the immune system by switching it on (during infectious periods) or off (instances of autoimmune disease or excessive histamine production). Chaga also contains high amounts of melanin, an elegant and fierce antioxidant that protects healthy cells. (Wildcrafted)