Magma™ (Sexual Support)

Magma™ (Sexual Support)

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Ingredients: raw honey, epimedium, shatavari, damiana,

cacao, rhodiola.

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There are plenty of reasons why sexual health can diminish, but whether your lack of libido is from exhaustion or a serious hormonal imbalance, Magma™ can offer safe herbal support. This mix of beloved love tonics and sensual herbs can help spark a healthy blaze of desire and fulfillment.


Epimedium (Horny Goat Weed) is a a major component of this formula. It offers safe enhancement for both men and women by increasing testosterone levels which in turn elevates the natural sex drive in both sexes. Horny Goat Weed also enhances stamina and in general is energizing. (Organic)

Shatavari is a tuberous root that is an effective tonic for the reproductive system of both women and men. Shatavari root is used to nourish its corresponding area in the body, the root (reproductive) area. It has been widely used daily by women in the Ayurvedic tradition to correct hormonal imbalances and feed and rebuild the womb and sexual organs. Shatavari increases blood flow to the sexual organs of both women and men while also bringing warming energy and moisture. (Organic)

Damiana is a well loved sexual tonic herb from Mexico. Consuming Damiana regularly opens and uplifts the heart and increases feelings of arousal. (Organic)  

Cacao has been revered around the world as a sensual and harmonious herb. Theobromine is an alkaloid in Cacao that acts on the muscles, kidneys and the heart. Eating Cacao has been associated with the release of dopamine and seratonin in the brain, encouraging an open/loving feeling to boost passion. (Organic)

Rhodiola is a plant that has proven itself time and time again as a potent adaptogen and mood stabilizer, perfect for those times when anxious and self-critical thoughts prevent you from fully enjoying pleasure. Rhodiola helps to produce and utilize dopamine in the brain which naturally increases the feeling of desire. (Organic)