Leaves of the Guanabana tree grown naturally on our farm without the use of pesticides or chemicals.

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Annona muricata

Properties: anti-tumor, anti-cancerous, anti-parasitic, helps regulate blood sugar levels and helps support healthy digestion.

Guanabana aka Graviola aka Soursop has been used by indigenous populations across South America to treat a range of ailments including digestive issues, diabetes, respiratory disease and viral/parasitic infection. 

Within the last few decades extracts of the entire Guanabana tree have been the subject of promising research around the world proving over and over again that it is able to selectively kill cancerous cells in vitro.  

At HoneySown Herbs we grow our Guanabana trees with nourishing love, they are a beautiful part of the farm’s ecosystem harnessing ample sunlight and organic soil nutrients to produce potent protective herbal medicine that you can enjoy in a tasty and nutritious cup of tea!

*Most effective as strong tea/infusion

**Preparation tip: allow leaves to steep for minimum of 10-15 minutes, store unused leaves in sealed container out of the light, keep cool and dry.