Mauna Kea Mullein™

Mauna Kea Mullein™


Fresh Mullein harvested from Mauna Kea mountain on the Big Island of Hawaii. Great in tea or smoked.

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Verbascum thapsus

Properties: antiviral, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory , mucus-reducing, lubricating, wound healing, respiratory system and urinary system supportive.

Mullein is a beautiful friendly, fuzzy plant with a proud, tall stalk and bright yellow flowers. Mullein is gentle and comforting while also maintaining a very cut and dry, honest spirit.

It is known for its soothing properties - drink tea made from leaves and flowers or inhale steam for chest coughs that are very dry and deep. Mullein also helps support healthy bronchioles and gas exchange in the lungs. Alternatively, the dried leaves can also be smoked alone or in a blend for individuals with heavy mucus loads.

Mullein also has wound healing capabilities - use infused oil/tea with flowers and leaves for cuts, burns, irritated bites and sunburns.

The flowers and leaves are most commonly used but extracts of the root are used for a range of dental issues.

*valuable in both water and oil infusions.

**Preparation tip: in water and oil preparations, allow fine hairs to settle and use a cloth to filter out. The hairs are not toxic but can be irritating to throat and skin.