Chai Honey

Chai Honey

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Ingredients: Raw Honey, Ginger*, Cinnamon*, Red Rooibos Tea*, Cardamom*, Cloves*, Nutmeg*.


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Make a delicious chai latte with our Chai Honey!

Make a delicious chai latte with our Chai Honey!

As one of our top sellers, this Chai Honey is perhaps what we are best known for. It’s not just a basic infusion - our secret method of combining 6 organic Chai spices with raw honey provides a richness in flavor and texture that is unmatched and simply amazing.

You may find yourself tempted to eat this stuff by spoonful (not that there’s anything wrong with that), but it also pairs well with just about anything you might think of to put it on. Make an instant cup of sweet Chai tea, drizzle it on your favorite dessert, add it to your cup of hot chocolate or coffee, or even bake with it!

For those that love the endless flavor of Chai but don’t need the extra kick, this smooth and sweet caffeine-free blend is the answer.

For the coffee-lovers out there, Chai Honey’s sister product, Coffee Honey, is a an equally-mesmerizing blend of our raw honey with organic Ethiopian coffee.