Lehua Blossom CBD Honey Sticks

Lehua Blossom CBD Honey Sticks


If you’ve ever visited the Hawaiian islands you may have been lucky enough to try Lehua honey. This beautiful and vibrant blossom grows on the sacred Ohia tree which is found only in Hawaii. While Lehua honey is a treasure to your taste buds all on its own, we thought we could make it even more irresistible.

Introducing our Lehua blossom CBD honey sticks. 3 unique infusions to choose from as well as 25mg of CBD per stick. That’s 250mg per pack!

We’ve been working on these for a very long time to get them just right, but be careful - if you try one you’ll have to try them all!


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Blue Lotus-Cinnamon


The Blue Lotus flower has been steeped in symbolism since antiquity. This beautiful, heart-opening plant is known to bring about tranquility and a sense of serenity when prepared as a tea. Blue Lotus is in fact referred to in the plant medicine world as an “Oneirogen”, a substance that can induce and enhance dream-like states of consciousness. It is also very effective at promoting relaxation while maintaining mental sharpness. HoneySown® Herbs combines this beautiful blossom with the aromatic bark of Cinnamon to help increase blood flow throughout the body which helps connect and synchronize our organs and intentions. Cinnamon is a powerful heart warmer that also settles the stomach making it ideal for enhancing absorption and assimilation of all the wonderful medicinal elements that are pared with it. This novel combination of Blue Lotus-Cinnamon lovingly amplifies the calming and restorative effects of CBD, it is a winner for its exquisite flavor and one of our proudest offerings to date.


The Hawaiian islands offer a deliciously diverse cornucopia of fruits, spices and other delicacies including two tropical favorites: Vanilla and Ginger. Here at HoneySown® we were inspired to pair the timeless simplicity of REAL, organic Vanilla beans with the warm and invigorating properties of high-quality Ginger to invoke appreciation for artisanal tastes. This combination is a game changer when added to homemade lattes, pudding or even your favorite island-inspired cocktail. The sweet & rich flavor of Vanilla and Ginger is a perfect match for the smooth, buttery flavor of Lehua honey and the healing effects of CBD.


*Note - This product is non-psychoactive and contains zero THC. Not for sale to customers under 21 years of age.