Vanilla-Ginger Lehua Blossom Honey

Vanilla-Ginger Lehua Blossom Honey


A 2 month slow-infusion of organic Vanilla beans and Ginger soaked in our favorite Lehua blossom honey.

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The Hawaiian islands offer a deliciously diverse cornucopia of fruits, spices and other delicacies including two tropical favorites: Vanilla and Ginger. Here at HoneySown® we were inspired to pair the timeless simplicity of REAL, organic Vanilla beans with the warm and invigorating properties of high-quality Ginger to invoke appreciation for artisanal tastes. This combination is a game changer when added to homemade lattes, pudding or even your favorite island-inspired cocktail. The sweet & rich flavor of Vanilla and Ginger is a perfect match for the smooth, buttery flavor of Lehua honey.