Guanabana Papaya

Guanabana Papaya


1 fl. oz.

Ingredients: Grain Alcohol, Guanabana (Soursop) leaf, Papaya leaf, Hawaiian Honey.

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This protective duo is packed with phytonutrients including powerful anti-oxidants and active enzymes to help your body maintain immune and digestive health at the cellular level.

Carica papaya leaves are full of proteolytic (breaks down protein) enzymes, most notable being Papain and Chymopapain. Not only do these enzymes help breakdown proteins in the digestive process (improving efficiency) but they also play a direct role in reducing the pain and discomfort of inflammation throughout the body. These enzymes help reduce swelling of mucus membranes and promote the introduction and circulation of fresh blood (oxygen & nutrients) to the site of inflammation. Papaya leaves also contain the alkaloids, Carpinine and Carpaine (Karpain) which help reduce blood pressure by slowing the heart rate. These alkaloids also exhibit anti-parasitic properties against certain worm, virus, fungi and amoeba species. Papaya leaves are a great source of vitamins C & E, beta-carotene, folate and countless anti-oxidants!

Annona muricata Guanabana or Soursop leaves are also jam-packed with therapeutic alkaloids, flavonoids, sterols in addition to a special group of compounds called annonaceous acetogenins that have put this South American medicinal on the map. Annonaceous acetogenins are exciting cancer researchers world-wide because they are selectively toxic to cancer cells, even cancer cell lines that have become resistant to chemotherapy drugs. Several invitro & invivo lab studies have proven that these acetogenins hinder cancer cells in many ways including initiating cancer cell death and inhibiting cancer cell entry production. Out of the 212 identified bioactive compounds in Guanabana leaves, 75 exhibit anti-cancer effects in cancer cells. Traditional use in South America and the Caribbean favored Guanabana leaf for malaria, controlling stomach disorders, lowering bad cholesterol, and even controlling the symptoms of diabetes. The benefits of Guanabana leaves are endless!